At Maldwyn we’re not trendy. We prefer to focus on the classic and ageless, while still producing for changing seasons. We have the freedom that big brands don’t have. Allowing us to take our time and make well thought out garments that you’ll treasure.


Sharp tailoring with a comfortable fit. Small batches of a capsule collection. This is how we manage to produce our timeless styles. Sturdy enough to be your well-loved hand-me-downs. By focusing on high-quality materials, minimalist design, and small-scale we get flexibility. We can do limited editions and variations on our favourite pieces. Thus, giving us the chance to offer one-offs to customers who love to own a unique piece.

Our designs come from our founder’s life-long interest in the effortless elegance of menswear. And the desire to create well-tailored clothes for kids. We take her drawings to the shop floor for further planning, styling, and sourcing of materials. We make patterns and samples until we have perfected each garment. The value of our garments comes from the quality of the materials, the skill of the makers, and the fact that they are 100% Canadian made.