Kids' Cashmere Waistcoat

Introducing the Maldwyn & Mab Kids’ Cashmere Waistcoat

Kids' Cashmere Waistcoat Maldwyn & Mab
Classically tailored suits must include a waistcoat. As kids’ tailored clothing makers, we love designing pieces that are traditional in style and will be cherished for decades. Attention to details is what menswear is known for, buttons, textures, pockets. We love the subtlety of beautifully taped seams, hand sewn labels. The value of a garment comes from the time spent on details.


A well-fitting waistcoat is one of those articles that gives the wearer an instant look of refinement. That’s the inspiration for the new Maldwyn & Mab kids’ cashmere waistcoat. The timeless, standard of elegance is what our AW16/17 collection is; small and refined. And the sleek silhouette of our waistcoat happens to look great on everyone.

The kids’ cashmere waistcoat is made of a cashmere wool blend that we’ve sourced from the one of the best mills in Italy. It’s the softest cloth we’ve ever touched, which is why we’ve selected it as ideal for our kids’ clothing. The limited edition Prince of Wales check is reminiscent of the tweed clothes we equate with the british countryside, of horse riding and the British nobility on their rolling green estates. Cup of tea, anyone?


We’ve made two versions of this diminutive waistcoat. The Wales LE (limited edition), with its distinct heritage, houndstooth pattern, is available for this season only. And the Harold in Peat Herringbone, which we’ll continue to make throughout the seasons.

The construction is all about comfort for kids. The body is shorter than a traditional waistcoat, single breasted with four easy to handle, horn buttons. It is completely lined, including the tiny slit pockets, with our favourite silky acetate. And on the back, in perfect gentleman style, is a working cinch belt to keep the waistcoat nice and snug. Instant poise and good posture is the result.


At Maldwyn & Mab we have become obsessed with tweed. We like everything about it; the colours, the textures, the traditional patterns. Some may equate tweed, and wool in general, with itchy, bulky, uncomfortable clothes. Maybe in the past this may have been true. But the selection of fabrics we’ve sourced for the AW16/17 collection are the best cashmere-wool blends and they are always seriously soft. Even for kids’ sensitive skin.

Maldwyn & Mab Kids' Cashmere Waistcoat
Cashmere Waistcoat Kids'


A kids cashmere waistcoat is a short sleeveless garment with that buttons up the front. It is modelled after the menswear version but made shorter and with wider arm holes for easy movement. Often referred to as a “vest” in North America, the term waistcoat probable references the cut of the garment “at the waist”, at a time when men’s coats were well below this level.
The waistcoat has always supplied the instant poise and upright posture of a well groomed gentleman. The waistcoat is a fashion that has a definite introduction into Europe by way of King Charles II in 1660. Visitors to the Persian court loved the Eastern fashion and introduced it the King who adopted it as his own style.
The entire Maldwyn & Mab collection has been designed believe that clothes should last through more than one kid, more than one generation. They should be loved, handed down and develop a history of their own.
Cashmere Kids' Waistcoat

Kids’ Cashmere Waistcoat

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