Kids' Cashmere Peacoat

Introducing the Maldwyn & Mab Kids’ Cashmere Peacoat

The collection we created is based on the idea that clothes should last through more than one child, more than one generation. They should be loved, handed down and develop a history of their own.
Kids' Cashmere Peacoat Designer
As clothing designers, we like making clothes that last. Classic tailoring that valued attention to detail more than cutting costs. In other words, well-made clothing, good enough to be handed down to siblings, or cousins, or neighbors. So, creating garments that have value and a long life span is our focus.


Our inspiration for the new Maldwyn & Mab children’s collection is our love of menswear; the timeless and definitive standard of effortless elegance. The AW16 collection is small and elegant, meant to be loved by boys and girls. And exquisitely tailored. Menswear is all about the small details; the buttons, the cuffs, the texture. We’ve designed our kids’ cashmere pea coat this way. Our attention to detail, like the hand sewn, horn buttons and the silky lining of the pocket flap, makes us proud to sew our label onto it.


The kids’ pea coat is so sharp looking, it’s hard to believe our main focus was making it the most comfortable pea coat a kid can wear. And when designing for kids, comfort rules the day. That’s why we’ve used a luxurious, barleycorn tweed for this pea coat. The texture adds a pop of visual interest to the pea coat’s simple `structure.

We a bit obsessed with tweed. The colours, the patterns, the texture. Historically, kids and wool or tweed may not seem like a good match. In fact the little thrift store wool pea coat in our shop may not have been loved by the kids who wore it.

They may, in fact, have found it stiff and scratchy and uncomfortable. But the selection of fabrics we use are the best cashmere-wool blends from Italian and British woollen mills, and they are always buttery soft.


Hard-wearing, rugged tweed has become an icon of British fashion. It is associated with aristocracy and university professors everywhere. It is the symbol of quiet sophistication and cultured elegance. But far from being elitist, tweed cloth comes from humble beginnings.

Born in Scotland, where cold and rainy winters called for weather resistant clothing, tweed cloth was used to make the warmest clothes. Today, beautifully woven tweed is a style statement and a staple in the wardrobes of all well-dressed people.

Cashmere Kids' Peacoat


There are very few garments you could name that have had an impact on fashion like the pea coat. They’ve been around for nearly three hundred years after all. Historically, made of Melton cloth, the durable wool pea coats was the standard for wet and windy days at sea. With its military and seafaring background the pea coat was designed for maximum function and warmth. High collars and broad lapels and the fitted shape gave the wearer good protection from the elements. The pea coat has stood the test of time and has become a fashion staple. We’ve made our children’s cashmere pea coat much lighter, designed with lots of room for kids to grow. With a collar you can button up for maximum warmth and two big pockets for warming cold hands. We’ve given it pointed cuff straps, with working buttons and an air of distinction. And we’ve sourced the nicest cashmere barleycorn tweed around. It really is more style over function than the traditional peacoat but we’ve maintained many classic features, just with a more modern fit.

The collection we created is based on the idea that clothes should last through more than one child, more than one generation. They should be loved, handed down and develop a history of their own.

What is a Kids' Cashmere Peacoat ?

Kids’ Cashmere Peacoat

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