Kids' Cashmere Overcoat


The Maldwyn & Mab Kids’ Cashmere Overcoat adds a touch of feminine to our mostly masculine designs. The overcoat is made of cloth sourced from the famous Reda mill in Italy. Their standard of excellence and environmental responsibility makes them a favourite with us. The overcoat is a deep blue-gray with flecks of brown which give it depth and character. It is the cosiest cashmere wool blend, kitten soft, but made to last.


We’ve named our kids’ cashmere overcoat “Mab” because it is the one piece in our collection that is decidedly feminine, but with menswear details. The cut is roomy and the long back pleat allows for a lovely swing when twirling. We’ve included it in our AW16/17 line up to contrast and compliment the angularity of the other pieces. It has a rounded collar and rounded flaps on the large patch pockets, which add to the femininity. The use of a dark neutral colour and earthy buttons make it luxurious but simple enough to wear everyday.
Cashmere Kids' Overcoat


Kids' Overcoat Cashmere
This is a go-to coat for at least three out of four seasons. We designed it to be lightweight so that layers can be worn underneath. The lining of the body, sleeves and pockets, is a traditional menswear pattern. This silky acetate lining gives our cashmere overcoat pizazz and makes it easy to slide on over knit sweater or denim jacket, and off again. Thus, adding a layer of warmth and style, without adding extra bulk. We’ve kept the sleeve slightly shorter, as with all of our designs, to keep them a workable length for kids.

Lightweight design, cashmere wool and a silky lining. Add to that the earthiness of the horn buttons and the exquisite tailoring and we get an elegant kids cashmere overcoat.


The cashmere tweed we use for the Maldwyn & Mab Kids Cashmere Overcoat comes from the Reda mill in northern Italy. We have fallen in love with the cloth they make. We love wool fabrics for our kids’ collection for the durability, creating clothes that last. And for the heritage of the weaves and patterns that have their own illustrious history. Our selection of fabrics sourced for the AW16/17 collection is the best cashmere-wool we could find. Seriously soft for kids’ delicate skin.
What is a Kids' Cashmere Overcoat ?
Kids Designer Cashmere Overcoat


A kids cashmere overcoat is a loose fitting knee-length coat that is worn over a suit or other light jacket. The Maldwyn & Mab Overcoat is made this way. It is roomy enough for a chunky knit sweater or denim jacket to fit beneath. Slightly shorter, at mid-thigh, for ease of movement, with a long back pleat to give a feminine shape. It has two large patch pockets with flaps to prevent treasure from getting lost.
A cashmere overcoat is a luxurious top layer for an extra bit of warmth in chilly seasons, and a quick top layer to throw on for a polished look. Our overcoat is single breasted with an easy two button closure to add to the child-friendly design.


We design with a focus on longevity. Clothing that stands the test of time, in a world of throwaway fashion. We want our clothes to be part of the family, develop a history, and be passed to the next kid when outgrown.

Kids’ Cashmere Overcoat

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