Kids' Clothing Designer


At Maldwyn & Mab we focus on little details that make clothes comfortable and easy for children to wear. This is what makes a kids’ clothing designer. Simply put, we design clothing for comfort first without sacrificing style; well fitting, durable garments that are made for active kids. Child-friendly style, with easy to use buttons, large pockets and room to grow, that makes our clothing sharp and functional.

The choice of fabric makes all the difference to a kids’ clothing designer. Soft organic cottons and cashmere wool blends make the softest and most comfortable clothing for children. Sourcing the best cloth available is the only way to create high quality clothing.


As kids’ clothing designers we at Maldwyn & Mab strive to make the softest, most comfy version of grown-up fashions possible. Without losing the structure of the garment, a sport coat, for example, can be made with silky sleeve lining to make it easy to get on and off. It can have softer, less structured shoulders for ease of movement. A simple interior, without scratchy labels.

Kids’ clothing designers are also involved in marketing and promotions, sourcing and managing our supply chain. And following the schedule of fashion seasons. Kids’ fashion designers, like adult fashion designers, attend trade shows and fashion shows to network, keep current and exhibit their work.

Kids’ Clothing Designer

Designer & Tailor of Children’s Fine Clothing