The Peacoat

Few garments have made an impact on classic fashion like the peacoat. Your kids will love our super soft, cosy version of the peacoat, which is roomy enough for a chunky sweater, and just the right bum-covering length. With broad lapels you can button right up for maximum warmth, and two easy-access, slit pockets keep little fingers warm (and little treasures safe).

Traditionally, made of durable, weather resistant Melton cloth, peacoats were perfect for those winter days at sea. Luckily for you our coat is lightweight, much less coarse, and much more cuddly.

Anchors away

Some peacoats are made with cotton or canvas; these are not authentic. That means our Maldwyn & Mab version is not technically a peacoat, it’s a peacoat style coat made of the softest cashmere with gorgeous horn buttons. Not an anchor in sight.

The standard peacoat is double breasted with eight or ten anchor buttons, and two side slit pockets. We’ve tried to maintain many of the timeless features, with a more casual soft fit.

From its military, seafaring beginnings, made for warmth and function; to our soft cashmere barley-corn tweed, made for comfort and style, the cut of the peacoat is always in fashion.
The Maldwyn & Mab cashmere peacoat has pointed cuff straps, with working horn buttons. A distinguished looking cuff if ever there was one. Our buttons are horn, a nice mix of light and dark brown.
All buttons are hand stitched to keep them on when put through their paces by little fumbling hands. There’s an extra one of each size just in case. The earthy tones of the buttons completes the overall organic, soft look of the coat.
This young gent is 109 cm (3′-7″) tall and weighs about 18 kg (40 lbs). He’s wearing a size 4-5.

Kids’ Peacoat